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Contemporary Romance Author Rhondaleecarver



I'm so glad you stopped by. What are you looking for? A sexy cowboy? Tough lawman? Something that keeps you on the edge of your seat and in love? Scroll my books and find your romance. Your love story is ONLY a click away!

Rhonda Lee Carver

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The Ryders and Thorns have been enemies for as long as Haisley Thorn can remember. When she finds herself in the middle of a tug-of-war, she will have to pick sides. Her choice could tear her family apart...

Circumstances bring her back into the path of a cowboy she fell for once upon a time. To keep her heart safe, she must abide by some rules...

1. No lusting after LB Ryder. He’s hotter than ever, but that ship has sailed.
2. Ignore how the cocky cowboy makes her want to bite nails...and do very bad things.
3. No kissing, touching or believing in an enemies-to-lovers fairytale. She won't take a stroll down memory lane, especially with a man who

is  T-R-O-U-B-L-E.
4. Break rules 1-3 and repeat.

Haisley has always gravitated toward LB. Handsome, smart, cocky, and determined, he's just the type of guy that she finds a challenge. He's about the only one who isn't afraid to put her in her place.

LB has steered clear of the Thorns for years, but when Cruise Thorn steals a prized horse right out from under LB, he’s determined to prove something…but he’s not sure what or how yet. Then Haisley has an offer that he can't refuse--doesn't want to refuse. The chemistry between them is still scorching.

Things are heating up, and so is the feud between both families. Soon LB and Haisley won’t be fighting each other, but they’ll be forced to make tough choices…and find a way to navigate a secret that can either cause a civil war between the Ryders and Thorns or make them lean on each other for support.

Readers who love enemies to lovers, second chances, and happily ever after won't be able to put this book down. Craving His Second Chance is jam-packed with emotion, grit, conflict, and a splash of suspense.
at has been a dark cloud over Second Chance.

Coming Soon!


A cowboy and a city girl…and an unforgettable love affair.

Parker Manley is at risk of losing her job in Chicago, so she’s sent to Montana to breathe life into a failing Floral Shop. A rock bottom business isn’t the only thing she finds in Second Chance. A sexy, rugged, cocky cowboy will have her resuscitating those parts of her which have been neglected since her divorce. She didn’t realize how lonely she’s been until Raven Ryder. A whirlwind affair never hurt anyone, right? Unless the heart is involved.

Big-city girls have never been Raven’s type, but when Parker strolls into town in her impractical heels and high-maintenance attitude, and a sadness in her eyes, he wants to help her. Maybe even forgive the fact that she likes gourmet coffee, fancy restaurants, and getting all dressed up to attend the opera.

As things heat up, truths and lies start to unravel. Parker will innocently find herself in the path of someone who has been terrorizing the community. Raven realizes he’s fallen for the city girl and will protect her at all costs, even if that means it’ll break his heart in the end.

Cowboys of Second Chances Security

The Brothers of Dove Grey Series

The sexy Dawson brothers and their wild romances keep the townsfolk of Dove Grey, Texas talking. From secret babies, forbidden love, to broken hearts…they’ll keep readers talking too.

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