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Rhonda Lee Carver

Cowboy Creed

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Seconds chances come in their own time. For Mindy and Creed the flame remains.

Newly divorced and empty nester, Mindy Sage, decided that her hometown might be the perfect place to reinvent herself, or at least find the wild and carefree girl she used to be before she moved away.

She’s craving small town comfort, but the problem is, in Cooper’s Hawk, everyone knows everyone. Secrets can feel as tall and wide as the Montana mountains that backdrop the friendly, picturesque town where she’d left her heart in the hands of a handsome cowboy nineteen years ago.

Search and Rescue team member, Creed Hawke, understood more than anyone what saving a life meant, but who would save him from the one woman he’d never gotten over? He’d moved on—or at least he thought he had until those old emotions come tumbling back with the vengeance of a forest fire. He’s reminded of how much he’d loved Mindy, wanted her, swore to marry her. Why couldn’t he forget her? Resist her? Deny her his heart?

Because he’d fallen for her at ten and never came back up for air.

How can he forgive her for stealing his daughter from him? Is love stronger than the mistakes they’ve made? Or are they doomed before they find forever?

Bighearted Cowboy: Free in KU


Brennan Colt sings happy birthday as a favor and ends up with a wife. Now that's a story of a Colt brother!

Cancer might have taken Charlotte's breasts, but the disease can't take her feisty spirit.


Tattoo artist Charlotte Sophia wants to help other survivors, and those who have been wounded in war, by turning scars into tattoos. She sees an opportunity. Marry Brennan Colt. The fair trade is, he'll hand over the deed to a building in Tarnation where she can set up shop, AND a mere one hundred thousand toward the charity that means the world to Charlotte. 

Brennan's a big hearted cowboy so helping cancer survivors and wounded vets is right up his alley, but the marriage? Well, he's not so sure about the whole idea. Yet, with only a few weeks remaining before he loses everything if he isn't hitched, Brennan is backed against the wall. So what choice does he have? He takes the matrimonial plunge.

He's learning about his stranger wife, like how smart she is, how she loves chocolate and the way her eyes light up when she laughs, but he's also realizing she has a few secrets. Nothing says he has to get to know her in the next few months, but the big hearted cowboy is curious...and maybe a tad in love.


Five brothers who are strangers are given the choice to live together for six months and work the Grinning Spurs Ranch or give up everything they’ve worked for—including their homesteads.

However, that’s only the beginning. All five must be married before time is up.

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