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Contemporary Romance Author Rhondaleecarver



I'm so glad you stopped by. What are you looking for? A sexy cowboy? Tough lawman? Something that keeps you on the edge of your seat and in love? Scroll my books and find your romance. Your love story is ONLY a click away!

Rhonda Lee Carver

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He left her at the altar to pursue his dreams of becoming a country music star. Ten years later, he returns home and faces his high school sweetheart who has a child with his brother. Turns out, she has a secret of her own.

Single mother, Dr. Milani Vance, has stayed focused on raising her daughter and growing her career as a pediatrician. Her past is in the rearview mirror until he strolls back into the small town, Whiskey Fork, and sends her life into a vortex.

Joseph Wayne has it all. Career, money, freedom. What more could he want?

He’s about to find out because an old flame burns anew. She has a secret that’ll turn his life upside down and spurring him into asking her to marry him. After all, a cowboy takes responsibility for what’s his. Unfortunately, he has a few fences to mend before Milani will find forgiveness.

She’s never stopped loving Joseph. Even after he’d broken her heart. Will she marry him and risk having her heart broken a second time? Or does a single mother, small town doctor have no place in a star’s life?

New Series Coming Soon!

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Monster Saint Enforcers are more than their badges or the law. They are a team of ex-military, country boys who work undercover to bring the worst of the worst criminals to justice…or to their graves. The only thing that might stand in their way is the last thing they need. A woman.

When a respected member of Monsters is killed while undercover, Crayson “Crayce” Noble goes rogue and is out for revenge. He’ll stop at nothing short of sending Salvatore, the leader of the notorious cartel, Los Reapers, to hell. His plan is thwarted by a mysterious woman wearing a wedding gown.

Runaway bride, Charmaine Meadows, sees her way out of Salvatore’s grip through the tall, scarred, brooding man who shows up right when she needed a distraction the most. He might be a walking four-letter-word, but she’ll take anything, anyone, over Salvatore. She’s become an expert at handling crude men, but this stranger isn’t like any man she’s ever met. He’s a challenge and sparks something within in her that is far more dangerous than the criminals she’s faced before.

The lady has caused Crayce nothing but trouble. Now they’re Salvatore’s prey and Crayce has always been a hunter. He realizes he should take the woman back to the villa and say good riddance because she’s going to get them both killed. And yet he can’t keep his eyes, and his hands, off her.

Cowboys of Second Chances Security

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